Be alright with not being alright.

You’re not all right.

There’s a stigma, at least in the fitness industry, if not all of social media, where everybody pretends like their life is fantastic. We see the highlight reels, we see the vacations, see the restaurants they go to, cute things their kids do, and all the little fluffy things that plug into the middle.

What we don’t see, is the stress. The problem there, is that we go about our daily lives stressed out to the max, feeling like everyone else has it made, feeling like we’re the only ones that have all this issue with time management, everybody needing something yesterday, and not knowing how to put all the pieces together, even though we’re trying our best. I have a presence on social media. I post my workouts, I post training advice, I post about clients in the gym, the food I eat, and the vacations I take. But I will be the first to tell you, at the time of writing this, mid July 2018, I am stressed to the max.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m very grateful for my life. It has taking a great many years to build to the point where I am at, a point where I get to come to the gym every day to help people enjoy their fitness journey, help them get the most out of their own life, and in between I get to play with my beautiful two-year-old daughter, hang out with my gorgeous wife, go on many vacations when she has out-of-town shoots, travel, explore, adventure, and have fun.

The catch is, you don’t see what really happens in between. I am starting a new business. Which is nothing new from my life, I feel like I start new business ventures all the time. Although now, we are moving our family across the country, from New York, to Colorado. I am changing the name of my business, my business model has evolved, my training has evolved, my message has evolved. I have new world to explore, and I need to put it all in place by the time we are ready to move in just three short months from now.

Although I love it, I love the challenge, I love the freedom to create, I love the opportunity to help, I love the journey of building, there is stress.

On top of the business, my wife and I are finalizing travel plans, living situations, which, by the way, are revolving rapidly. We are looking at living out of our camper semi-permanently. This means we don’t have an end in sight on when we plan on getting the wheels out from underneath us and living on a foundation. Whether this means an extended period time of travel before settling in Springs, or living out of our camper equipped for cold weather with solar power somewhere close enough to be able to open a facility in Springs,  this comes with its usual and expected stress as well.

Throw in making time for training, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, my own website, podcasts, all while still coaching at CrossFit Mohawk Valley, creating workouts for Mohawk Valley fitness, running my own business of team training, and keeping our eye open for any new opportunities that come my way.

It gets better. We are selling our house, which means replacing windows, packing her things away, finding storage, deciding what gets thrown out, figuring out the financial side of selling a house and moving, it also adds up.

I’m top of that, it is a vision of mine to always strive to be the best and most present husband and father that I can. I may have saved this for last, but this is my first priority. When all else is stripped away, I have my family, and our lives are built on love, respect, attention, and gratitude.

This article is not about telling you how busy I am. It’s about demonstrating how we are all busy, but it may not reflect in our social media, or in our outward lives, but we all have our reasons to not be OK on a daily basis. What we need is to find that number one priority, the reason we do it all, the big picture, our source of love and respect and gratitude. It’s OK to be stressed. Time management is not one of my greatest skills, but I’ll be damned if I don’t spend a day taking at least one small step in the right direction.

Be proud of your accomplishments, your successes. At the end of the day, tell yourself you’ve done enough. The stress will never go away, you will never be happy when, if, or any iteration of waiting for something to happen. Enjoy the now, be grateful for what you have, and realize that at the end of the day not only is everyone OK, but everyone is not OK, and that is OK.



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