Don’t throw out the Pushups!

It occurred to me the other day that I have been training for strength for over 20 years. It started in the weight room at school because I wanted to have big arms and be a bad ass football player.

I can date my calistenics and physical training back even further to over 30 years, when I started Tae Kwon Do at age 5.

We were constantly hitting jumping jack, pushups, burpees, sprints, and it stared my journey of strength.

In high school I learned the allure of the weights, started to build more muscle, and after college dove deep into the world of strength sports.

Fast forward to today, and you would think that my training would have evolved to the most cutting edge advanced tactics, the most complex strength periodization and progressions, and the fanciest gear… but in reality, I’m still doing those pushups, burpees, jumping jacks, and lifting the same basic movements: the squat, the deadlift, the bench, and pullups.

You know what’s even better? IT STILL WORKS.

I started this company 7 years ago so that I could be a resource for those that are confused by the gimmicks and plans and NOISE out there in the fitness world. As far as I’ve seen it come over the last few years, it’s gotten NOISIER, with more voices, more programs, more tools and specialists, more garbage if you ask me.

People get bored too easily, they want the next great thing, the quick fix, the one trick, the fancy guru, and the big time players in the game, the influencers, the instamodels, they all know this, and they feed it to you.

I started this company with a vision to give people PERMISSION to say no to all of it, to stick to the basics, to not get caught up in the noise and to just continue to do the basics, and do them WELL.

Stop listening to the one dude that says that his jumping jack fitness routine is how he stays so shredded, or the lady that swears by a set of bands and special shoes to be the answer to the quest for a big booty and abs. They are LYING TO YOU.

They look good, they are chiseled, but what got them there is not what they’re selling… they have used the basics to get lean, jacked, strong, and now they are pandering to your needs and desires for a quick fix, and they are making a quick buck.

Go back to the basics, the bare bones… the BEAR BONES.

After 30 years of training I am still getting better by doing those pushups, so don’t give up the basics, double down on them!



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