Why You Need A Strength Coach

As 2023 comes to a close (am I jumping the gun here in late august?!) It’s no secret that getting stronger has health benefits. We’ve

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You’re being sold lies.

Ask any good coach or trainer, and they will agree that form matters. They will agree that focusing on the way you move, getting good

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Don’t throw out the Pushups!

People get bored too easily, they want the next great thing, the quick fix, the one trick, the fancy guru, and the big time players in the game, the influencers, the instamodels, they all know this, and they feed it to you.

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Worst. Day. Ever.

Worst. Day. Ever. You woke up 10 minutes late, spilled a cup of coffee on your favorite pants and had to wear different ones, the

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What is Grit?

Today’s training is meant to be long, shitty, and silent.

So is every other day.

Set an example for yourself, be accountable to it, then go do it.

Every. Damn. Day.

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All obstacles are self imposed, think your way out of that shit, and practice doing more, practice silencing the little voice that warms you to slow it down because you don’t NEED to do 100 burpees on a Sunday. If you are afraid to do 100 burpees on your “rest day,” then you need to do them more than you you need another day of sitting around on your ass.

We’re Sold Lies

“…you will be the man that runs a few 5K road races, sticks to “heart healthy” whole grain cereals for breakfast, and has tried gluten free veganism with his wife for a miserable week before, only to gorge on pizza and oreos washed down with a diet coke on friday night.”

Cast A Shadow

There is a need to be strong still. It may not come out of necessity for work, safety, but it comes out of necessity for the spirit of man, for the livelihood and confidence of the man that holds his head high, that knows his capabilities, that walks tall and casts a shadow.


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