The Connection and Contrast: Structured Group Strength Training vs. CrossFit

Young Male Athlete participating in Structured Group Strength Training in Colorado Springs

When it comes to fitness communities, both structured group strength training in Colorado Springs and CrossFit stand out for their dynamic approach and intense environments. However, while they share some common ground, they also diverge in key areas that may appeal differently to various fitness enthusiasts. Here’s a look at how these two popular fitness modalities are similar and where they differ.


1. Group Community Dynamic

Both structured group strength training and CrossFit thrive on the power of community. In these settings, the camaraderie and support of fellow members can be a significant motivator. Whether it’s pushing through a tough set or cheering each other on during a challenging workout, the group dynamic fosters a sense of belonging and collective achievement. This aspect is crucial as it helps individuals stay committed and enjoy their fitness journey alongside peers who share similar goals.

2. Planned Coaching

Another similarity is the emphasis on planned coaching. Both training styles involve structured sessions led by experienced coaches who guide participants through each workout. This ensures that members perform exercises correctly and safely, maximizing benefits while minimizing the risk of injury. Coaches also play a vital role in motivating the group and providing personalized feedback, making each session more effective.

3. Intensity in the Atmosphere

Intensity is a hallmark of both fitness approaches. Structured group strength training and CrossFit sessions are designed to be high-energy and challenging. This atmosphere helps individuals push their limits, leading to significant fitness gains. The energetic environment is infectious, often helping members surpass what they thought was possible, enhancing both physical and mental strength.


1. Structured Workouts vs. Varied Programming

One of the main differences lies in the workout structure. Structured group strength training follows a consistent and progressive program, with workouts planned to systematically enhance strength and fitness. This contrasts with CrossFit’s philosophy of varied workouts that often appear random. CrossFit incorporates a broad range of activities and changes daily, which can be exciting but may lack the systematic progression found in structured strength training.

2. No High Skill Olympic Lifting or Gymnastics

CrossFit is known for incorporating high-skill disciplines like Olympic weightlifting and gymnastics. While this can be exhilarating and rewarding, it may not suit everyone, especially beginners. Structured group strength training typically does not include these complex movements, focusing instead on foundational strength exercises that build muscle and endurance effectively and are accessible to a broader range of people.

3. Smaller Classes for Better Coaching Ratio

Lastly, the size of the classes often differs. Structured group strength training usually involves smaller class sizes, which allows for a better coaching ratio. This means more personalized attention and tailored guidance for each member. Smaller classes ensure that coaches can monitor form closely and provide corrections, which is crucial for both safety and the effectiveness of the training. In contrast, CrossFit classes can sometimes be larger, which might dilute the personalized attention each participant receives.

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Both structured group strength training and CrossFit offer unique benefits and can be highly effective depending on one’s fitness goals and preferences. By understanding the similarities and differences, individuals can choose the right type of training environment that best fits their needs, whether they’re looking for the varied and high-intensity experience of CrossFit or the more focused and progressive approach of structured group strength training.

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