You’re not a Lion, you’re a human.

Buzzwords in the fitness industry today include “mental toughness,” “warrior,” and other jargon meant to fire people up into buying into a program.


Now, this may be counterproductive, because I run a training program that builds character and helps make kids tough, but I’m going to shoot some truth.


There is no program that can do it for you, there’s no book, no speech, no supplement, none of it. At the end of the day, it comes from within.


My program doesn’t make it happen, it gives an opportunity for the kids to bring it out of themselves. If they don;t want to be here, they don’t have to be.


If you want to be better, you will be. You’ll find a way to work for it, you’ll eat the right foods, you’ll sacrifice being entertained by television and radio and social media for time spent working towards a goal, and work on IMPROVING.


There is no gym or program or any amount of money thrown in any direction that will make it happen for you if you don’t want it.


The kids in my program excel because they want to. They don’t come in lazy and leave as savages, they walk in here BECAUSE they want to be better, they already have it inside of them.


What pisses me off is that so many people are being sold fake motivation and and fake gusto and rah rah attitudes about being a lion or a wolf or some other creature, or that they can become warriors if they just shell out a boat load of money and listen to hype up speeches and sweat.


It comes from within. You will not be a warrior.


Thousands of men and women have fought for our country, they are warriors, they fight battles, they make real sacrifices.


You are not a lion or a wolf or a wombat or whatever other creature that meme tell you.


You are a human being, but the good news is that all of us have the ability to be great already within us.


It takes being dedicated and disciplined to a cause, not wavering from your principles, standing your ground, and doing the little things everyday to take the small steps to get you to where you want to be.


So before you look for something to fix it for you, and then you’re disappointed in the lackluster results, flip that switch deep inside you and commit to being excellent.


That will take you further in all aspects of your life than any 10 week transformation or youtube speech.



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