Worst. Day. Ever.

Worst. Day. Ever.

You woke up 10 minutes late, spilled a cup of coffee on your favorite pants and had to wear different ones, the dunkin donuts worker made your coffee wrong, your cousin called, they need help moving this weekend so you have to postpone other plans, you didn’t PR at the gym, and something was wrong with the internet and you couldn’t watch Game of Thrones.

What a terrible day.

Seriously, there had probably never been a worse day ever, am I right?

You get so stressed out because it feels like everyone is out to get you, the world is beating you back, it makes you pissy, angry, short, and depressed.

This sounds silly from the outside doesn’t it? But we have all been there.

It seems sooooo important when we’re in it, like it may really be the end of the world.

How do we stop this from happening?

We don’t, life can throw us shit all the time.

What we can change is how we handle it, how we approach and perceive it.

I know you hear it all the time, those memes out there, “happiness is a choice,” and “positive vibes!”

I don’t know about you but those seem like bull to me, Seeing a bunch of flowers and scripty words doesn’t make me go, oh ok, I’m good now.

You see, we have to PRACTICE at changing our perspective, it doesn’t just happen.

We need real struggle, we need to feel what it’s like to have some suffering, some real distress, some upper level limits to our resolve and person and mind.

This creates perspective.

You go out and go for what you thought would be a 3 mile run on some trails, get lost, panic, come out on a highway 4 miles from where you parked your car an hour later, you won’t give a damn about an extra creamer in your coffee from dunkin.

So without actually putting ourselves in real danger, or actually moving to a 3rd world country where people line up for clean drinking water like americans line up for the latest iPhone, how do we practice creating this perspective?

I think you know what I’m going to say, probably because you know that I’m all about “crazy long workouts.”

But that’s why I do them, that’s why I write them, share them, and get so fired up about having others do them.

We are so damn fortunate it’s embarrassing.

I’m doing all I know how to help others make the best of their lives, and that’s by encouraging them to work harder and really push, so that they can learn what it feels like to appreciate being warm, drinking a cool glass of water after, sleeping on a fluffy bed, having access to all the greatest things our country provides.

I offer options to get you there, there are many many ways to do it, training hard with a program like GRIT can do it, and the sweet side effects will be physical capability, strength, resolve, and if you eat like a normal person, maybe even some abs.

So maybe it’s not the worst day ever, next time you open up an avocado and it’s rotten, don’t take it personally, at least you have one, those things are expensive!



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