What is Grit?

Today’s training is meant to be long, shitty, and silent.

So is every other day.

Building Grit isn’t about rest days, recovery drinks, stupid gadgets and dumb fluffed up programs.

It’s not about gym memberships, trainers with 18 weekend certifications, or the newest matching workout clothes.

It’s about being raw, exposed, and capable.

I want you to listen to yourself breathe, hear the little lies your mind tells you, the way it tries to talk you out of finishing, “this is stupid,” “you don’t need to do all these reps.”

I want you to listen to them all, then tell them to fuck off, and do another rep. You’re building resilience, you’re building grit.

Giving in destroys all of that.

Every time you listen and cut a corner, stop a few reps shy, slow up more than you need to, you’re teaching yourself that it’s alright to be soft.

So strap in, find a dark garage bay, a vacant trail, don’t worry about the heat, or the cold, or the music, or your favorite water bottle/ sports drink/ supplement, or your heart rate watch.

Grit not only doesn’t need it, it thrives in the absence of it.

This is about finding that limit where you want to stop, and shoeing yourself you can do more.

This is about shattering the cultural norms of mediocrity and laziness that warns us about overtraining, about the benefits of recovery… damn it all we live on cushioned chairs and have food at our fingertips all day long, we don’t need to recover more, we need to work more!

As for sleep, they try to tell us we need to up our sleep to 7 plus hours, then supply us with options for drugs and other methods to help us fall asleep, or we self medicate on booze and hours of mindless shit from the internet, phone, or sports.

How about this… kick the shit out of yourself for an hour with burpees, sprints, and heavy carries, then go ahead and tell me you have a hard time sleeping at night.

Building Grit is more about the physicality of what happens during that session, it’s about being more, doing more, standing up and knowing that you can ENDURE… that you know where those limits you thought you had are, way the fuck behind you because you know you can outwork your old self, that you can shut up the little voices that make us stop when we have plenty left in the tank.

Set an example for yourself, be accountable to it, then go do it.

Every. Damn. Day.





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